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Skrik från förr 2022–

Det tar 27 år innan rättvisan hinner ikapp mångmördaren Carl Fredrik Wykman. Tidigare har ingen vågat vittna men ord på en dödsbädd förändrar allt. Hur många mord har Wykman på sitt samvete? Hur många vittnen har han tystat? Med hjälp av arkivmaterial och rättegångshandlingar samt släktforskare Leif Mörkfors, rättsläkarna Eva Rudd och Katarina Howner låter David Lagercrantz fallet få nytt liv. Del 7 av 8.

Category: Crime, Documentary

Big Mäck – Gangster und Gold 6.8

The ominous life of Donald Stellwag

Category: Documentary

Stars: Fabienne Hurst,Andreas Spinrath

2023 IMDB Rating 98 Views
Libby, Are You Home Yet? 2022

Libby and friends are out for a night club visit, but being drunk Libby are not allowed to enter. Her friends send her home alone in a taxi. She then went missing and a police investigation is started.

Category: Documentary

7.3 IMDB Rating 50 Views
Kurt & Courtney 1998

A documentary on the life of Kurt Cobain and his relationship with Courtney Love.

Category: Biography, Crime, Documentary

Stars: Courtney Love, Nick Broomfield, Kurt Cobain

6.1 IMDB Rating 38 Views
Emergency NYC 2023–

This gripping docuseries follows New York City's frontline medical professionals as they balance the intensity of their work with their personal lives.

Category: Documentary

Stars: John Boockvar

8.3 IMDB Rating 62 Views
Tiger 2021–

A look at the life, success and scandals of golf legend Tiger Woods.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Tiger Woods

7,7 IMDB Rating 5,668 Views
Fiskarnas Rike

This is a film series that inspires hope. It shows the devastation we have caused in our waters, but also that it is possible to repair the damage we have caused. For three years, the documentary filmmaker Martin Falklind and his team make a magical journey through Swedish rivers, lakes and seas, to an underwater world most of us barely knew existed. In the series, we get to see how we have fished out many of our waters, with collapsed ecosystems as a result. But we also get to see good and concrete examples that clearly show that it is possible to repair the damage and that it is possible to turn the development around for the better.

Category: Documentary

Rönnäsfallet: Jakten på sanningen

I november 2014 sker ett brutalt brott i Rönnäs. Lars Appelvik pekas ut och döms för brottet, trots bristande bevis. Följ advokat Marko Tuhkanens jakt på sanningen.

Category: Documentary, Reality

The Flipping El Moussas 2023–

Follows couple Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae El Moussa during their personal and professional journey of newlyweds and real estate experts.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Heather Rae Young, Tarek El Moussa

3.5 IMDB Rating 333 Views
Living with Chucky 2022

A filmmaker who grew up alongside Chucky the killer doll seeks out the other families surrounding the Child's Play films as they recount their experiences working on the ongoing franchise and what it means to be a part of the, "Ch...

Category: Documentary

Stars: Lin Shaye, Marlon Wayans, Brad Dourif

7.9 IMDB Rating 95 Views
Gold Rush 2010–

A reality TV show that follows crews mining the gold placer deposits of the Yukon Territory.

Category: Documentary, Reality

Stars: Paul Christie, Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets

7.2 IMDB Rating 179,593 Views
Apocalypse: Hitler Takes on the West 2021–

May 10th, 1940, Hitler takes on the West. Will he precipitate Europe into the Apocalypse?

Category: Documentary

Stars: Mathieu Kassovitz, Nathan Rippy

7.6 IMDB Rating 331 Views
Apocalypse: Hitler Takes on the East 2021

In June 1941, Hitler took his greatest gamble - launching an attack against the Soviet Union. Despite being the largest German operation of WWII, Operation Barbarossa was one of his biggest failures.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Mathieu Kassovitz, Nathan Rippy

7.6 IMDB Rating 194 Views
Murder Under the Friday Night Lights 2022–

Showing the shocking, tragic crimes that rocked and divided tight knit high school football devoted communities, when football is the lifeblood of the town, and real blood is spilled.

Category: Crime, Documentary

Stars: Robert Cunniff, Nathan Clarkson, Harvey Roberts

Making of The Last of Us

Category: Documentary

Pray, Obey, Kill

In 2004, the world's attention turned to the quiet Swedish village of Knutby after a young woman was murdered.

Category: Documentary, TV Mini

Blood & Money 2023–

Follows detectives and prosecutors as they investigate infamous financial scandals, including Robert Durst, the Menendez brothers, Sante and Kenneth Kimes Jr., and Clark Rockefeller.

Category: Crime, Documentary

Stars: Steven Zirnkilton,Dick DeGuerin,Deni Marcus

7.9 IMDB Rating 172 Views
Roadworthy Rescues 2022–

Follow Derek Bieri as he seeks out abandoned cars from America's past and gets them running and back on the road where they belong.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Derek Bieri, Jessica Bieri, Dan Dosemagen

9.6 IMDB Rating 420 Views
Kingdom of the White Wolf 2019

Ronan Donovan, a National Geographic researcher, travels to the Arctic to study wolves.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Ronan Donovan

8.1 IMDB Rating 1,447 Views
Narco Wars 2020–2022

Explore how opportunistic smuggling networks in Latin America turned into powerful and ruthless drug cartels with unprecedented power.

Category: Crime, Documentary, History

Stars: Ioan Grillo, Chris Feistl, Jeremy McDermott

8.5 IMDB Rating 246 Views