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Every Other Holiday 2018

Recently separated parents Tracie (Fisk) and Rick (Rogers) spend every other holiday with their young daughters Harper and Ava. But this Christmas, the girls have only one thing on their wish lists - to spend Christmas with both M...

Category: Drama, Family, romance

Stars: Schuyler Fisk, David Clayton Rogers, Dee Wallace

6.8 IMDB Rating 245 Views
Rock and Roll Christmas 2019

The "Roses," a successful mother /daughter singing duo, are reunited after 10 years of bitter separation to create a new Christmas album. The granddaughter, manager, and sound technician must work together to make this happen.

Category: Comedy, Drama, Family

Stars: Beverley Mitchell, Catherine Mary Stewart, Michael Dickson

5.4 IMDB Rating 256 Views
Swept Up by Christmas 2019

An antique seller and a cleaner clash over how to downsize a magnificent estate right before Christmas. As the two uncover the house's treasures, they find a way to reconnect the reclusive owner with his own Christmases past.

Category: Comedy, Drama, romance

Stars: Lindy Booth, Justin Bruening, Vlasta Vrana

6.2 IMDB Rating 302 Views
Four Cousins and A Christmas 2021

A heart wrenching loss reunites four cousins to share one crazy night forcing walls to come down - over a little Pizza and Whine.

Category: Comedy, Drama

Stars: Robert Davi, Ayla Kell, Raffaela Capp

3.7 IMDB Rating 259 Views
My Best Friend’s Bouquet 2020

Josie believes the wedding bouquet finds the one who's next to marry and is shocked to catch it at her friend's reception. When she starts dating a fellow guest, her belief keeps her from realizing the right man's been there all a...

Category: romance

Stars: Chaley Rose, Nathan Witte, Rebecca Olson

6.2 IMDB Rating 272 Views
Sit. Stay. Love. 2021

After finishing a mission, aid worker Annie Blake is going home to Vermont to spend the holidays with her family. When the local animal shelter closes, Annie steps in to save it with the help of the local vet and old school nemesi...

Category: romance

Stars: Georgia Flood, Ezekiel Simat, Anthony Phelan

Strangeways Here We Come 2018

A comedy in which the tenants of a high rise work together to defeat a cruel loan shark.

Category: Comedy, Crime

Stars: Michelle Keegan, Elaine Cassidy, Ania Sowinski

4.9 IMDB Rating 229 Views
Resurrection 2022

Margaret's life is in order. She is capable, disciplined and successful. Everything is under control until David returns - that is - carrying with him the horrors of Margaret's past.

Category: Crime, Drama, Horror

Stars: Rebecca Hall, Tim Roth, Grace Kaufman

5.9 IMDB Rating 678 Views
All My Puny Sorrows 2021

Based on the 2014 international best-selling novel by Miriam Toews, All My Puny Sorrows is the poignant story of two sisters, one a concert pianist obsessed with ending her life, and the other a writer who, in wrestling with this ...

Category: Drama

Stars: Alison Pill, Sarah Gadon, Mare Winningham

6.2 IMDB Rating 449 Views
Follow That Bird 1985

Big Bird is sent to live far from Sesame Street by a pesky social worker named Miss Finch. Unhappy, he runs away from there, prompting the rest of the Sesame Street gang to go on a cross-country journey to find him.

Category: Adventure, Comedy, Family

Stars: Caroll Spinney, Jim Henson, Frank Oz

6.6 IMDB Rating 198 Views
Göta kanal – Vinna eller försvinna 2022

When the owners of the boatyard are going to divorce, they can not decide who will get it. They agree to make the division of property through a competition on the Göta Canal, where the winner gets the lap.

Category: Comedy

Stars: Eva Röse, Per Andersson, Naomi Bethke

5.1 IMDB Rating 1,576 Views
Great Expectations 1998

Modernization of Charles Dickens' classic story finds the hapless Finn as a painter in New York City pursuing his unrequited and haughty childhood love.

Category: Drama, romance

Stars: Ethan Hawke, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hank Azaria

6.8 IMDB Rating 447 Views
Expedition China 2017

Disneynature and the filmmakers of Born in China (2016) bring you on location to some of the world's most remote wildlands within the Chinese frontier.

Category: Documentary

Stars: Maggie Q, Steven Ballantyne, Justin Maguire

6.7 IMDB Rating 192 Views
F/X 1986

A movie special effects man is hired to fake a real-life mob killing for a witness protection plan, but finds his own life in danger.

Category: Action, Thriller

Stars: Bryan Brown, Brian Dennehy, Diane Venora

6.7 IMDB Rating 377 Views
F/X2 1991

A special effects man helps his girlfriend's ex, a cop, with a sting operation, where the ex gets killed. Something's off and he investigates with help from an ex-cop PI friend.

Category: Action, Thriller

Stars: Bryan Brown, Brian Dennehy, Rachel Ticotin

5.8 IMDB Rating 322 Views
I Love You to Death 1990

Joey Boca (Kevin Kline) owns a pizza parlor, and is married to Rosalie (Tracey Ullman). He's also a serial womanizer. Rosalie goes to extremes when she finds he has been cheating.

Category: Comedy, Crime

Stars: Kevin Kline, Tracey Ullman, William Hurt

6.4 IMDB Rating 269 Views
My Blue Heaven 1990

An all too uptight FBI agent must protect a larger than life mobster with a heart of gold, currently under witness protection in the suburbs.

Category: Comedy, Crime

Stars: Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, Joan Cusack

6.2 IMDB Rating 285 Views
Overboard 1987

A cruel but beautiful heiress mocks and cheats a hired carpenter. When she gets amnesia after an accident, he decides to introduce her to regular life by convincing her that they're husband and wife.

Category: Comedy, romance

Stars: Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Edward Herrmann

6.9 IMDB Rating 345 Views
Bull Shark 2022

A hungry shark begins feeding on unsuspecting lake goers in a small Texas town.

Category: Action, Drama, Horror

Stars: Thom Hallum, Billy Blair, Lindsey Marie Wilson

2.6 IMDB Rating 706 Views
See How They Run 2022

In the West End of 1950s London, plans for a movie version of a smash-hit play come to an abrupt halt after a pivotal member of the crew is murdered.

Category: Comedy, Mystery

Stars: Kieran Hodgson, Pearl Chanda, Gregory Cox

6.5 IMDB Rating 1,444 Views